Problems getting hold of information is a common problem for relatives. You may want to discuss your experiences of this or find out how other relatives have managed this by talking to the REACT GROUP. You could share ideas on these and share or gain any helpful information you or others may have.
Alternatively you might want to discuss your experiences with the REACT Supporter. They can listen to your experiences and help you think about which bits of REACT might be most helpful to go to next.


Recommended Resources

The Resource Directory lists these resources and more (under ‘Understanding Mental Health Services’ in the Topic Specific Information section) but some websites which you may find useful include:

As mental health services can vary so greatly in how they work and what they offer, it may be best to look at the individual NHS Trust website for more specific information.

For more specific information on the following, please click on the links:

Advance Planning:


The Care Act:

Mental Capacity Act:

Mental Health Act:

Triangle of Care:

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