Information Zone

    • Up to 30% of people with mental health problems also have problems with drugs or alcohol
    • Generally speaking, taking street drugs or binge-drinking is associated with a greater risk of a person becoming involved in crime or violence
    • Having a psychotic illness makes a person slightly more likely to commit a crime or violent act. However, it makes it much more likely for the person to become a victim of crime or violence

Most families caring for someone with mental health problems face having to cope with some difficult behaviour. Here are some common ones relatives told us about:

Takes drugsDrinks to excess
Is irritableThreatens or is violent
Makes a messHas bad habits
Is ‘clingy’ or needs a lot of reassuranceHangs about with a bad crowd
Can’t handle moneyGets into trouble
Is embarrassing or draws attention to themselves in publicTalks about death or suicide

Are any of these a problem for you? Are there any difficult behaviours you would add to this list?