What If…

I haven’t got time to use the toolkit?

Many people are very busy especially when supporting someone with a mental health problem. We have tried to design REACT in a format which is easy to read and can be accessed quickly between work tasks. It might be worth thinking about what times of day are quietest for you and how you might be able to fit this into your routine.


The toolkit doesn’t cover the things I want to know about?

If some sections don’t cover things you want to know about then skip to the sections that do. There may be some sections you want to know more about so we have provided links to further reading and resources.

My relative or friend who has psychosis or bipolar wants to know what this is about?

The toolkit does not contain any personal or confidential information about your relative. If your relative has any concerns, then you may want to show them the toolkit to reassure them. It is up to you whether or not you wish to discuss the toolkit with your family.